17. January 2021

Stay on the Couch Con (I)

How it all began … “Stay on the Couch!” Con is a kind of virtual filk convention, with some concerts (maybe), and circles (for sure!). Everyone who consideres themselves a filker is welcome, no matter where you’re from etc!

the program was:

14:00 Sib
14:30 Christo
15:00 Twotonic
15:30 Sagensang
16:00 Valerie
16:30 Mary
17:00 Rhiannon’s Lark

20:00 Circle

14:00 Sylvia
14:30 Singalongs with Steve
15:00 Cheshire Moon
15:30 Jela
16:00 Lauren
16:30 Cacophonie
17:00 Via Bella
17:30 Luke

20:00 Circle

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