27. January 2023


So at the virtual DFDF in a virtual circle the idea germinated that, now that we are/have to filk online, we could potentially generate a neverending filkcircle, that people just pop in and out of and that virtually circles around the world as people join, go to bed, etc. Now, an eternal circle might seem ambitious (certainly for a first attempt ;-)), but a 24 hour circle seemed like a realistic/delightfully crazy enough thing to aim for.

Being someone who always has the itch to follow through on things that sound like fun, if maybe a bit … mad … it’s totally happening!

So: come and join the 24 hour filkcircle?!

Day: June 20, 2020

Start time: June 20, 7pm CEST, 6pm UK, 1pm Eastern, 10am West Coast

End time: 24 hours later

Location: Zoom (link to follow 2 days before the event; it will be posted on Discord and in the “Bleib auf der Couch!” Facebook Group – if you are a member of neither you can also join the mailinglist right here on this page to receive it (the mailinglist is only used to distribute zoom links))

We won’t be recording the circle, so that should keep no-one from joining, but I kinda want to see if we can maybe keep track of how many songs were sung and how many people joined?

There’s a liiiittle bit of discussion going on about the 24 hour circle in the “Bleib auf der Couch! Events” Facebook group and in the “Festival of the Livingrooms” Facebook group and I’ve posted some info on discord, but this info right here is pretty much all that’s set in stone right now/you need to know. If anyone wants to help with hosting the circle for a couple of hours, get in touch (hosting means keeping track of the moderated chaos/who is on next, as well as possible housecleaning in case we do end up with a zoom spammer, but it’s super light really).

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