27. January 2023

German-speaking filk circle

There’s a German-speaking circle that happens on the 15th of each month. Music is in all sorts of languages, but chatting happens mostly in German/primarily in German. Everyone is welcome though, so if you don’t mind that fact (chatting being in German), then feel very welcome to stop by!

The circle happens on the 15th of every month, irrespective of what day of the week that is – so sometimes the circle will take place on a weekday, sometimes on the weekend – the hope being that by days of the week rotating as they are, it won’t systematically exclude people for whom particular days of the week are bad.

The circle takes place from 5pm-11pm (German time, so CEST/CET) on Zoom. The link is distributed via a specific filk-circle mailing list on the day before the circle every month, to which you can subscribe right here!


So at the virtual DFDF in a virtual circle the idea germinated that, now that we are/have to filk online, we could potentially generate a neverending filkcircle, that people just pop in and out of and that virtually circles around the world as people join, go to bed, etc. Now, an eternal circle might seem ambitious (certainly for a first attempt ;-)), but a 24 hour circle seemed like a realistic/delightfully crazy enough thing to aim for.